Here you will find a selection of some of our favorite projects over the past 20 years. Take a look, and imagine just what Blue Mountain Builders could build for you.


Moriah is Blue Mountain Builder's latest project, and the largest one to date. It showcases every aspect which make our homes so unique.

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The Madison House

The home of our founder for nearly 15 years, it holds more than just special memories for us: it shows, yet again, what Blue Mountain Builders is capable of.

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The Altaffer's

A towering, monumental two-story log cabin, the Altaffer's home is a classic example of a beautiful reconstruction of a log home.

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The Epstein's

Involving a two-story log cabin home, a smaller log cabin placed back in the woods, and a unique, hand-constructed silo, the Epstein's project was a success on many fronts.

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The O'Connor's

Filled with custom carpentry and stellar design, the O'Connor's home has been photographed on a number of occasions in various publications.

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