Our Company

We invite you to learn a little more about the company which has been serving the central Virginia area since 1988, creating treasured homes for discerning individuals.

Our History

Blue Mountain Builders was founded by Noah Bradley. Bradley began his carpentry career in 1972 at the young age of 15 under the tutelage of his father, working with antique salvaged materials years before the trend became popular. From that time, until the founding of Blue Mountain Builders, Bradley worked under the guidance of a number of master craftsmen, learning all the various skills required in building one-of-a-kind homes.

Since founding Blue Mountain Builders in 1988, Bradley has undertaken many historic restoration projects and gained a great appreciation for the timelessness of early Commonwealth architecture. In addition, many homes that were in imminent danger of being lost were saved for future generations to enjoy. Throughout his career Bradley has gained insight into the techniques and materials used in constructing houses of earlier periods. It was through these early experiences that the Blue Mountain vision was conceptualized as to the possibilities of a truly handcrafted home.

The Vision

Imagine a home being built today with all the positive aspects of both a new home, and a centuries old home - but without the drawbacks of either. No vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, or plastic moldings as seen on so many of the new homes today. And yet, no faulty plumbing, poor insulation, or "indoor wildlife" as can be found in the older homes of yesteryear. Blue Mountain Builders masterfully incorporates the best features that each era of construction has to offer, providing not only tremendous aesthetic appeal, but extreme comfort and maximum efficiency and durability for today and for generations to come.

With each new home we build, it is our desire to leave a legacy for the next generation. We are masters at design and endeavor to site our homes in harmony with the surrounding environment. Our homes artfully blend into the countryside and enhance our area. Whether we build a traditional hewn log cabin, a Virginia farmhouse, an old barn, or even a Tuscan villa our goal is to achieve a design for our homes that is striking from all perspectives.

We believe a well-thought-out design will be appreciated for generations to come. Most of our homes are designed in house, or if you prefer, we are happy to recommend an architectural firm. We can also work your existing plans.

Our Niche

Building a home that has a minimal impact on the environment has always been paramount to Blue Mountain Builders. Our homes incorporate recycled materials from older homes and are designed and built in a manner that assures that they will be around for centuries to come. We strive to use local materials whenever possible: lumber from nearby sawmills, slate from Buckingham County, soapstone from Nelson County, and hand cut limestone and sandstone from the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

Our homes are well insulated and comfortable year round. We typically recommend radiant heat for our floors, both for comfort and energy efficiency. With plenty of porches, high ceilings, and the use of ceiling fans we find that air conditioning is needed only during the hottest of months. The use of plastics is considered by many to be a green method, but we avoid these products in order to reduce our dependence on oil and because of concerns with out-gassing and unproven durability. For example, our choice of material for porch flooring is Ipe, an exotic tropical wood that, left untreated, will last longer than most homeowners!

Blue Mountain is renowned for its expertise and proficiency in log, stone, and timber frame construction. Very few of our projects lack these elements, and many have incorporated all three features with amazing results.

Log, Stone, and Timberframe

Prime specimens of antique hewn log structures can still be found for use in building new homes. Most of these handcrafted cabins are from the mid 1800's and are made of oak, poplar, chestnut, and heart pine. These structures are vastly superior to newly manufactured log cabin kits.

Antique cabins by themselves make terrific second homes, guest cottages, or cozy weekend getaways. Often our clients choose to incorporate these structures as an integral part of their homes. A log cabin room adds remarkably to the aesthetics of the exterior of a home, anchoring and aging a home into the environment. Inside a home a log room brings warmth, strength, and a sense of security. A vintage hewn cabin makes an excellent and unique den, dining room, or bedroom.

Timberframe, or "post and beam" construction also enhances a home much like a log cabin does. The joinery techniques and richness of antique materials adds exceptional visual interest to any room. Compared to log construction, timber framing offers higher ceilings and brighter, more radiant rooms. Timberframe construction is energy efficient and suitable for any room in the house.

Stone was mankind's first building material. Unparalleled for its beauty and strength; it is the ultimate maintenance free and tenacious building material. When first viewing our homes, the one element that most draws attention is our stonework; it stands unrivaled in the area.

An Invitation

Do you appreciate old homes? We share your passion. Capturing the ambiance, warmth and character of a vintage home can be challenging, but Blue Mountain Builders has mastered the craft of it. We believe that there is something visceral about a piece of antique furniture, something that can be felt in a hand sculpted piece of art, and that same thing can be found in our homes. We build distinctive homes that are as unique as the individuals who dwell in them.

Words cannot articulate, nor can photographs vividly portray the features that can be found in each of our projects. We invite you to see them for yourself. Make an appointment today to experience one of our creations in person.

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